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Ask Annie

Title: Ask Annie
Author: Suzanne Rand
Genre: Teen fiction, romance
Rating (out of 5): 2

Published is 1982, I'm sure it was a good book at the time. Maybe now, we've identified the common cliches, and avoided them, because this book is full of them.There's the "I'm in love with a boy who doesn't Know I exist", although I will admit that one's still quite prevalant.There's the "I'm torn between helping the boy by giving advice about his girlfriend, or Missing her". There 's "all the girls hate me, but I'm the boys' best friend.There's "the boys see me as a friend and not a girl". Normally, one or two of these wouldn't really bother me, but put altogether...added to that is now she conspicuously skips certain passages of time.

But other than that, it's a good read. ...

If you're in the mood for a trashy (teen) romance novel, then it's tolerable. Annie's started to give boys advice - fn not some why the girls don't like it - it's not just about their girlfriends. she's got as destructive crush on her best friend's twin brother, Tim.One thing that I absolutely despise in this book is how extraordinarily grateful Tim is when Annie suggests a compromise with Tim and his mother. He never forgets it and brings it up obsessively.

Now, I won't spoil it, but it is a bit predictable what happens in the end. Not really a good read for a kid in the 2000s.